Portland Here I Come!

Last week, I purchased my tickets to Drupalcon Portland 2013, and I'm looking forward to the event so very much. I've had such an eventful and interesting year and having one Drupalcon under my belt, I have high hopes for making the most of this one. I hit my first local Drupal Meetup this week as well, and to my amazement I found that I knew people from the local Drupal community here in Denver (besides the handful of coworkers I wrangled into coming with me - haha). I hope that becoming involved in the local Drupal community will be a valuable learning experience for me, as I'd like to get into the habit of working with junior and mid-level developers to help them along their Drupalicious way.

I found this article: 15 Secrets to Rocking your Drupalcon on getting the most out of Drupalcon, it's definitely worth a read.

Also, in case you missed it, Drupalcon Portland Sessions have been announced!. Which will you attend?