Goodbye Freelancing? Not Quite

I really love working as a freelancer. I love the freedom to have my hands in all sorts of different projects, I love the freedom to have Dexter, my wonder dog by my side all day as I work. I love to work in the middle of the night at IHOP with my boyfriend, and I love not having to wake up at the break of dawn if I decide to catch a concert or hit a nightclub mid-week.

There are of course, things I don't love as a freelancer. I don't love the lack of separation between work and the rest of my life. I don't love always being on the lookout for my next project, I don't love bookkeeping, I don't love not having a second pair of eyes in the office to help out when I find a sticky spot where I just can't see the problem, and I don't love having to explain to people that just because I'm home doesn't mean I'm not working.

Recently, I was contacted by a company outside of Colorado who had an open Drupal position and who had been referred to me by an acquaintance of one of the company heads. Before this, I had not given serious thought to moving into more of a full time or even a long-term contract position, but being flattered by this invitation, I gave the idea some serious thought. Of course, I'm not ready or willing to move from Colorado, however, I just may be ready and willing to work more regular hours even if it's just for a few months at a time.

So I decided to actually talk to some of the recruiters who were contacting me regularly with mixed results. I encountered a few who were very high pressure - do this TODAY or you will be losing out... there will never be another opportunity like this... and so on, which never settles well. And then I contacted a few consulting agencies who were advertising for positions I found interesting, also with mixed results. I know we advertised at [insert salary here] but what we are really looking at is [insert new salary here]. Dishonesty never sits well with me, but recently I've been chatting with a couple of individuals at consulting companies who have brought me some interesting opportunities.

What does this mean? I guess it means that I will am actively looking for a long-term consulting and potentially a full time position. Does this mean goodbye to freelancing? I hope not. I'll still be around to help with any existing websites, and I'll continue to take on small project work until