DrupalCon 2012

DrupalCon 2012 is here! We are two days into the convention and still going strong. I have good, bad & ugly to report.

The Good.

Some great sessions! We found out that Drupal 8 is targeted for release in August 2013, but there is a lot of work to be done before that time. It was also announced that Drupal 8 will incorporate some components of the Symfony php framework, which will only help to make Drupal an even stronger CMS. Beyond that we discussed the surge in popularity of mobile browsing, the expected upcoming explosion and the opportunity to take advantage of this interest by developing and themeing with mobile devices in mind.

Another hot topic this year is entities and harnessing the power of these as the base content type in Drupal. In Drupal 7, we are able to create specialized entities instead of relying solely special content types based on nodes. This opens up new doors for developers, enabling them to have new ways of dealing with content and content types.

Beyond this, there is also a push toward getting more of the Drupal community involved in contributing to the project, which is one challenge I'd like to take on for 2012.

Also, I was excited to meet some very cool people at DrupalCon this year! There were developers, designers, and site builders, each of whom has their own Drupal story about how they ended up at DrupalCon 2012. Some of these stories are super exciting, and I plan to post about them in upcoming weeks, and others are more mundane, but still interesting to hear about.

The Bad.

Some scary/boring/weird sessions! I suppose not every session can be exactly what you were looking for, and I found this out first hand! Especially on day 1, I attended a few sessions which surely must have been mismarked for experience level. Some were way too basic for their advertised experience level, while others were way to in depth to be marked correctly. I found it refreshing and wonderful to see people who were so passionate about their Drupal contribution, but sometimes people are too close to a project to give a really valuable speech about it to those of us with little or no experience with their project.

The Ugly.

Rude People! Thankfully they were few and far between, but I had the experience of running into a couple of nasty individuals at the convention who didn't hesitate to let me know they disapproved of my choice to work as a freelancer or they disapproved of me in general for some reason or another. I have to report that the vast majority of the Drupal community is friendly and helpful. but I'm hoping not to run into a small handful of them ever again.

So there you go - the good, bad and ugly of my experience at DrupalCon 2012 so far. Tomorrow is the final day and I'm looking forward to sessions about how to hook Drupal up to weird things - any session about weird things sounds fun to me, and a session for developers about the Views module. I'm looking forward to spending a final day with my fellow Drupalistas from across the globe before we are parted for yet another year.