Web Development

I do freelance web development and programming work on a regular basis.  I have experience with a number of programming languages including php, java, c++ and C# ASP.NET as well as experience building custom Drupal modules and modifying existing modules.  Here are some examples of the work I have done.

Oakland Museum of California

Custom Drupal Module Development to import 20,000+ items into the custom node types for the collection, along with a smaller module to import the owners of the artwork pieces and link them to the items.



LiveStream Digest (launch tba)

Custom Drupal Module Development to send digest e-mails at regular intervals determined by the adminstrator of the website.  Website uses taxonomy to index content and allow users to sign up for content categories determining the content of their emails.

Association for Chinese Political Studies (http://www.acpsus.org/)

Drupal module modification to customize the ecommerce solution for registering and paying for events.  Also another custom user import.