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Portland Here I Come!

Last week, I purchased my tickets to Drupalcon Portland 2013, and I'm looking forward to the event so very much. I've had such an eventful and interesting year and having one Drupalcon under my belt, I have high hopes for making the most of this one. I hit my first local Drupal Meetup this week as well, and to my amazement I found that I knew people from the local Drupal community here in Denver (besides the handful of coworkers I wrangled into coming with me - haha). I hope that becoming involved in the local Drupal community will be a valuable learning experience for me, as I'd like to get into the habit of working with junior and mid-level developers to help them along their Drupalicious way.

I found this article: 15 Secrets to Rocking your Drupalcon on getting the most out of Drupalcon, it's definitely worth a read.

Also, in case you missed it, Drupalcon Portland Sessions have been announced!. Which will you attend?

Goodbye Freelancing? Not Quite

I really love working as a freelancer. I love the freedom to have my hands in all sorts of different projects, I love the freedom to have Dexter, my wonder dog by my side all day as I work. I love to work in the middle of the night at IHOP with my boyfriend, and I love not having to wake up at the break of dawn if I decide to catch a concert or hit a nightclub mid-week.

There are of course, things I don't love as a freelancer. I don't love the lack of separation between work and the rest of my life. I don't love always being on the lookout for my next project, I don't love bookkeeping, I don't love not having a second pair of eyes in the office to help out when I find a sticky spot where I just can't see the problem, and I don't love having to explain to people that just because I'm home doesn't mean I'm not working.

Checking In

It's been an interesting couple of months and I've worked on some interesting Drupal sites. I am happy to say that in the last month I submitted my first patch ever to to fix an issue with a contributed module. Generally I've spent my time making custom changes to modules to alter the way they function in order to meet the needs of a specific website or client, but this is the first time that I've fixed what would be considered a major bug in a module. Using git to create the patch was a bit of an adventure. I had set git up awhile ago with the intention of contributing to Drupal core (but have I done it? Nooooo.), so this saved me some time. But after a few minutes of mistyping git commands I was rewarded with my very own shiny module patch.

I have plans to create some lovely Drupal tutorials to share with you all, so be sure to watch for those, and I hope you are enjoying your May.

DrupalCon 2012

DrupalCon 2012 is here! We are two days into the convention and still going strong. I have good, bad & ugly to report.

The Good.

Some great sessions! We found out that Drupal 8 is targeted for release in August 2013, but there is a lot of work to be done before that time. It was also announced that Drupal 8 will incorporate some components of the Symfony php framework, which will only help to make Drupal an even stronger CMS. Beyond that we discussed the surge in popularity of mobile browsing, the expected upcoming explosion and the opportunity to take advantage of this interest by developing and themeing with mobile devices in mind.

Another hot topic this year is entities and harnessing the power of these as the base content type in Drupal. In Drupal 7, we are able to create specialized entities instead of relying solely special content types based on nodes. This opens up new doors for developers, enabling them to have new ways of dealing with content and content types.